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28 June 2017, 14:14:36
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 on: Today at 06:37 
Started by StatiicX - Last post by Majikn
Is it any good? It looks better than MN9 at the very least. Though that 8 bit rendition of MN9's boss theme kind of ... fails to have anything about it that I actually like about 8 bit music. It sounds completely bland. Like a bad remix of a song that's already too repetitive for the stretches of time in which it gets drawn out in its original game.

But it looks like it controls a bit... better? And that customization mechanic looks like it's just "Here, YOU balance the game if you think you know so much." though that might be better than the alternative?

 on: Yesterday at 13:15 
Started by Bee - Last post by TheRedPriest need to visit more frequently, Xero.

 on: Yesterday at 13:15 
Started by Xero - Last post by TheRedPriest
Gameplay is key, but when the game looks that bad and half+ the cast is DLC, it's hard to support something like that.  Actually, no it's not.  I won't support that.

 on: Yesterday at 13:13 
Started by SB - Last post by TheRedPriest
No, there's no Switch version and who would buy it on Xbox OneX?  I have it on 3DS and PS4.  And I'll be getting 2 so I can own a physical copy of 9 and 10, even if ideally we'd get them separate.

 on: Yesterday at 09:38 
Started by Bee - Last post by Xero
Welcome back whoever you are. 

 on: Yesterday at 09:37 
Started by SB - Last post by Xero
Am I going to get mauled by Nibbles and Tomato stick'd for picking this up on the PS4? 

 on: Yesterday at 09:33 
Started by Xero - Last post by Xero
I'm not too keen on Capcom's practices, especially with DLC.  What with SFV being a bit of a train wreck and now it appears the MVCI is following suit.

At least the fighting looks tight. 

 on: 15 June 2017, 13:42:44 
Started by Xero - Last post by TheRedPriest
I'd be far more forgiving on the roster if it was all actually there.  The trend of fighting games to now hold off half or more of the roster as post launch DLC has utterly ruined the genre.

 on: 14 June 2017, 17:46:35 
Started by Xero - Last post by Mikero
Can't get excited about fighting games anymore.

The first version is always some bare bones thing with half the cast being the same characters since 1992, and then I'm expected to pay even MORE money to put in characters that are likely already on the expensive disc/application. And after I do all that rigmarole a new "super turbo" version comes out and I can't see my favourite character (that I BOUGHT) in the new hat or whatever with my lowly original release.

What a shocking release lineup. You mean Chun-Li AND Ryu are launch characters? That's good since 80% of people will only use them anyway. Oh and Iron Man?! Wowee!
Oh no, don't worry, I'll just wait until I'm in my 60's to see a real return of any SF3 character(s), or anything new and different in MvC like Baby Head or Luke Cage. Yondu would be perfect. But nah, you g'head guys.

... It's cool that X and Nova are in there though.

 on: 14 June 2017, 14:03:38 
Started by Xero - Last post by TheRedPriest
It's a shame the game has an overall ##### roster with low fighter count and DLC out the ass for the FIGHTERS themselves.  I'll pick this up though once the entire game is out and fully on disc in like 3 years though.  Or I'll just pick up the base game for a deep discount if the "complete" version just has codes for the DLC.  At least that way I'll still have X and Zero as the team up masters, even if the game is incomplete and subpar.

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