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29 April 2017, 13:38:44
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 on: 25 April 2017, 23:43:46 
Started by TheRedPriest - Last post by Winged Warrior
It's okay, I've probably endured or caused them.

 on: 25 April 2017, 18:06:29 
Started by Xero - Last post by TheRedPriest
I've ranted a few other places about the DLC, but that was to be expected.  No one thought we'd get a full game from Capcom.

Sigma is cool as ##### though.  X's CM look never really got me, but it's not bad I guess.  I'll buy this for sure when we get the full game on disc in 2 years, or buy the vanilla version used if they don't do a full release.  They won't ever be getting a cent from me for DLC for this game though, that's for sure.

 on: 25 April 2017, 18:02:17 
Started by TheRedPriest - Last post by TheRedPriest
There are worse things than being banned, son.

 on: 25 April 2017, 16:36:38 
Started by Xero - Last post by NovaMan XP
So, Sigma is in, but he's DLC because of course he is. Game doesn't even come out for another 5 months and we already have DLC announced.

Also X's alternate costume is his Command Mission look. Which again, is DLC.

 on: 24 April 2017, 22:51:08 
Started by TheRedPriest - Last post by Winged Warrior
megaman iz dumb
ur dumb
I liek protoman
he'z cool
Cool Cool Cool Cool

 on: 21 April 2017, 03:01:07 
Started by Abominator - Last post by TheRedPriest
We will NEVER get a good Mega Man collection.  They ##### up something every time.  Even the latest try of the 6 NES games has sound issues.

 on: 19 April 2017, 19:10:11 
Started by Abominator - Last post by NovaMan XP
Yeah, I remember MMAC being really bad. Especially after learning about all the stuff that was cut from the Complete Works versions. Or the complete lack of button configuration for the GameCube version because lol reversed buttons.

Oh yeah, I also forgot the X Collection used MP3's or something for the songs that just end abruptly instead of fading out during certain parts.

Honestly, if it wasn't for Battle & Chase I probably wouldn't have ever touched the X Collection. It'd be nice if they released B&C on PSN or something.

I'm probably going to make a Japanese PSN account so I can buy the PS2 Arcade game Ports, I think it's called Power Battle Fighters, which unsurprisingly are better than the ports we got in MMAC.

Maybe in another 20 years we'll actually get a good Mega Man Collection for once.

 on: 19 April 2017, 03:09:11 
Started by Abominator - Last post by TheRedPriest
The 2 PS2 era collections were both horribly done with poor ports and worksmanship.  I can't remember all the errors and glitches and cut/modified stuff in those things.  Hell, the Gamecube version of Anniversary Collection reversed the freaking jump and shoot buttons!

 on: 19 April 2017, 00:28:41 
Started by TheRedPriest - Last post by NovaMan XP
I like Mega Man because he's blue.

 on: 19 April 2017, 00:25:22 
Started by Abominator - Last post by NovaMan XP
Wall of text incoming!

So, sometime last year I decided to finally play through X2 and X3 for the first time, via the Wii U virtual console. And well... I didn't like either of them. At first. I replayed X3 probably a week after my first time beating it and enjoyed it quite a bit more the 2nd time.

I ended up selling my Wii U to get a Switch, so the only means I had to play X2 and 3 legit was... the X Collection, but I had never beaten them on there either so I never unlocked Battle & Chase, so there was at least some motivation to do it.

Something I noticed about X2 on the PS2 Collection... the slowdowns that I saw in the Wii U VC were nonexistant. Which made some fights feel weird since I was used to them being full of slowdowns, such as the first Serges fight and Crystal Snail. X3 seemed... the same. I actually like the arranged music better than the SNES music, though the original is still good.

I finally got to play Battle & Chase at least, it's kinda fun.

But I do have a question, what other differences or flaws have you all noticed that the X Collection makes in regards to the originals?

I noticed that the X2 intro has a sound bug in MMXC, and X1 had the dialogue edit in the opening stage that #####ed up the final boss dialogue (something like "why you done this to us X!"), as well as removing the Hadouken voice clip for no reason. I also know that X6 had the voices removed entirely from cutscenes as well, but I had no need to ever play X4-6 on the Collection since I own the original PS1 copies.

One final thing I noticed that was off in the Collection was that the picture quality is... random. I use component cables on my PS2 and I noticed that the picture quality in X1-3 would go from crisp to randomly blurry and shaky. I don't think I've had that issue with any other games on my PS2, so it's probably the game itself or the porting job being ass.

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